Jujhar Singh Mann is the owner and creative force behind Mann & Co Bakeshop. From a very young age, Jujhar knew that he wanted to become a baker. Being a South Asian boy, baking was not encouraged. Jujhar's goal is to challenge gender norms and show others that men can create beautiful and delicious desserts and be successful in their craft.


From Grade 3 to 12, Jujhar would only bake as a hobby. When he turned 19, he decided to start an Instagram page for fun and after 4 months, the hobby turned into a business. After being in business for over 2 years, Mann & Co Bakeshop (formerly Jujhar's Dessert Bar) has created cakes for hundreds of events.


Mann & Co Bakeshop is known for their fresh, elegant and delicious cakes and desserts made from scratch using only the finest quality ingredients.